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Double Unhappiness is a tragicomedy about wedding guests with something other than merriment and matrimony on their minds. At a wedding banquet in 2021 Hong Kong, the guests grapple with their banal small talk, awkward social interactions, and a burgeoning sense of paralysis in this changeable city. Double Unhappiness is a collection of monologues, strung together through the setting of a wedding. The show is constructed of 3 acts, with each exploring different themes ranging from family values, self-love, self-judgements, gossip, mundanity, office hierarchies and sexual harassment in the Hong Kong context.

*In collaboration with Hong Kong Shadow Players


We are grateful to receive advice from the experienced directors and producers of the Hong Kong Shadow Players. They comprise eight theatre professionals who have teaching experience at multiple universities in Hong Kong, as well as arts collaboration experience with the RTHK, HK Philharmonic, the European Union Centre for Global Affairs, the Irish Consulate General of Hong Kong, and more. The Hong Kong Shadow Players is a theatre company formed by professors and graduates of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong in 2013. The mission is to make Western classical literature approachable to local Chinese audiences and vice versa. Since its launch, HKSP has staged more than 30 shows, performing works by Gogol, Moliere, Stoppard, Wilde and more. In 2017, with the endorsement of The University of Adelaide and its European Union office, HKSP toured The Learned Ladies in Mid-levels in Adelaide to secondary schools and the public.



Insightful, thought-provoking, and resonating monologues being delivered by talented actors/actresses whose voices and physique was a delight to experience. Incredible work from the directing, tech, and writers as well who gave a solid foundation and platform to explore topical and important issues of our modern age which will make you both clench your heart and roar into laughter. Would recommend!


Our online showcases provide our members with a safe and open-minded space to perform their original pieces in a variety of art forms ranging from poetry, prose, dance and music during the pandemic. These creative pieces also serve as inspirations for our workshops and productions,  with some written works featured in our two main productions in the 2020-2021 season. 

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Therapy Sessions encourages six strangers to open up themselves and share the hardships they face in their daily lives. As the participants lead the audience into their traumatic experiences at home and at school, they are motivated to bond and show empathy to their loved ones in trouble. This performance is not only a staged art, but also an emotional piece that touches everyone’s heart.


Through our writing workshops, we empower our members to become confident and capable writers and encourage dialogue and cultural exchange. These workshops not only provide a safe space for members to write deeply personal reflections that affect, and are affected by a myriad of current cultural and social issues; we hope to open up new dialogues of empathy and mutual growth that are inspired by, but not limited to, our cultural and ethnic differences.


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