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VENUE: Lecture Hall, Sheung Wan Civic Centre 上環文娛中心演講廳

Date: April 25 2013

Special Note: This production was later guest performed in Shakespeare in the Port on May 2, 2013. Sponsored by Cyberport. 


A fun 90-min performance of cross dressing, music, dance, cakes and Downton Abbey setting! 

Our play is performed against the backdrop in post-World War I era, a time when all worldly norms and orders were turned upside down and superseded with the spirit of merry-making. Drawing inspirations from the famous television series Downton Abbey, audience will see our characters in costumes that remind you of your DA favourites!


This is the first HKSTG production featuring live music and singing.

一部充滿趣味性的九十分鐘作品,改編成第一次世界大戰後的背景。當所有價值觀和跌序顛倒時,取而代之是對快樂的追求。作品靈感來自著名的電視劇Downtown Abbey。這是本團第一部同時有現場音樂和歌唱的劇目。

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