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Venue: Yuet Ming Auditorium

Dates: March 30th, 2018

Continuing its exploration of hallmark Shakespearean comedies with a twist, HKSTG brings back to the stage one of Shakespeare's most divisive and acclaimed plays in the genre: The Taming of the Shrew, with a setting and a take that might be unseen and unheard of.

Katherina is a headstrong, sharp-tongued woman (a"shrew") who bows to no entity, man or woman. While she has garnered an infamous reputation among potential suitors, her younger sister, Bianca, has been epitomised as the perfect bride-to-be. Unfortunately for these ambitious men, their father, Baptista, has sworn to see Katherina wed before Bianca. Thus begins a convoluted race between several competitors who must devise a plan to tame (and in one case, fall in love with) the shrew, while simultaneously trying to out-class each other and win Bianca's love and Baptista's approval.
There's no other era more suitable to do justice to a play with themes of social & gender roles than the 1980s. Infusing the fast-paced and witty comedy with catchy and iconic music from the New Romantic Movement, and editing the script to celebrate love and difference, HKSTG proudly presents to you an adaptation that is completely separate from the usual dichotomy.

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