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Venue: The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Drama Theatre

Dates: April 14, 2018

After a hugely successful outing with Love's Labour's Lost (2017), HKSTG re-visits tragedy after 3 years with Macbeth, albeit whilst exploring more futuristic and modern pop-influenced adaptations, forming the second half of the group's first Bilingual Project.
Amidst futuristic chaos, Thane of Glamis and Cawdor, Macbeth, incited by the insidious Lady Macbeth, commits regicide against King Duncan. As Macbeth sinks deeper into the claws of the three witches' prophecies, eliminating enemies and allies alike, he struggles to keep a hold on his newly-gained throne, as well as his sanity. Meanwhile, a vengeful military alliance forms as Malcolm, son of Duncan, finds allies in England and rallies his Scottish lords to reclaim their homeland. The rest of the play unfolds in bloodshed as men fight for power, home and family - armed with justice and driven by vengeance.
HKSTG has set Macbeth in an apocalyptic era yet to come, re-imagining the Scottish play as a dystopian world rife with thrilling combat, mass weaponry and cutting-edge armour. Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure that explores the darkness of human ambition and greed!

繼Love's Labor's Lost(2017)的成功公演,HKSTG以《馬克白》於三年後再次把悲劇帶上舞台。然而,改編加入更多未來主義和現代流行影響的元素,形成了HKSTG首次雙語項目的下半部分
設定於未來主義的混亂中,身為葛萊密斯和考特勳爵的馬克白因爲馬克白夫人的陰險煽動, 剌殺了國王鄧肯。馬克白執迷於三個女巫的預言中,消滅了敵人和盟友,卻未能保住新獲得的王位,以及他的理智。與此同時,鄧肯的兒子馬爾康(Malcolm)在英格蘭尋找盟友並集結一眾蘇格蘭的領主以收復他們的家園,形成一個復仇的軍事聯盟。隨著男人為權力,家庭和家園的鬥爭,戲劇剩餘的部分在一件件流血事件中展開 -受到復仇的驅使,及正義的裝備。

Light and Sound effects by Fung Chun Yu, Oscar and Fong Ka Yin, Bao

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