We are Hong Kong Shax Theatre Group (HKSTG/ SHAX) – an registered non-profit society based in Hong Kong. Originally based in The University of Hong Kong, HKSTG was founded in 2010 and formerly known as "Shaxbies Theatre Group". HKSTG was formally registered as a society in 2017.

A culturally diversified group, our members include but are not limited to Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Nepalese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Korean British, Canadian and German.


We stage adaptations of Shakespearean plays, whether they be famous or lesser-known productions, employing rich local settings and contexts accompanied by live golden era music and extravagant dance routines. We build workshops, seminars and other events around the plays and discuss issues relevant to the texts and our society. We are dedicated to provide a safe, open-minded and empathetic platform for meaningful dialogues for our members and participants. 


With a focus on identity expression and cultural exchange, HKSTG takes a special interest in cultural adaptations and recontextualization in our creative productions. We enjoy inserting cultural, localised elements into our productions in hopes of shaping our own identity as a theatre group that hails from Hong Kong. We also places an emphasis on the interactions between different Asian-cultures and between Asian cultures and European cultures.

Our multi-layered performance aims to reach out to the local youth, exposing them to English literature and the evergreen themes that the bard penned. It is also our aim to immerse youth in the dramatic experience and teach them skills ranging from something as basic as self-organization to artistic tools such as expression. To further the above goal, we have also been invited to perform as guests at schools and institutions around Hong Kong.


Starting from 2014, we started incorporating music and dance elements in our productions to widen our forms of creativity and expression. With a goal to reach out to more local audiences, starting from 2017, HKSTG has also begun focusing on developing our own bilingual theatre. Starting from 2020, HKSTG will be introducing projects that feature global literary classics and original creative work.