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HKSTG is dedicated to promoting English, drama and culture to local primary and secondary school, adapting classical plays to suit the needs of ESL students. All our shows may also be lengthened, shortened or adapted at your school’s request. We have a selection of plays suitable for students from different levels. 

Please email for further discussion.

 SHOWS OFFERED  (2021/22)


For Kindergarten Students




Duration: 45 mins 

Language: Cantonese/ Modern English/ Bilingual 

Cast size: 6 actors/actresses


Synopsis: Whoooooosh! Dorothy and her dog Toto are whisked away from their home in Kansas to the magical land of Oz. In order to return home, they start a journey to the Emerald City to seek help from the great Wizard of Oz. On their way, they encounter a Scarecrow, a Tin Woodman and a lion who hope to ask for help from the Wizard as well. Adventures in this mystical land await...


For Upper Primary and Lower Secondary


Duration: 45 mins

Cast Size: 4 - 6 actors/ actresses

Language: Modern English/ Cantonese

Adapted from Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, ‘A Comedy That Goes Wrong’ is a Cantonese comedy that explores themes of mistaken identities, as well as the hilarious mishaps that spring from them. The play follows two sets of twins (on one side - Wing and Chi of Guangdong; and on the other - Sing and Sze of Macau) who, initially separated at birth, inadvertently disrupt each others' lives when they find themselves in the same city of Hong Kong, encountering each other's friends and families. Pandemonium ensues as each twin leads the audience through multiple confusing incidences of mistaken identity, leading to the brink of a marriage, more than a few beatings and many instances of laughter.

Performed in Hong Kong's local tongue, HKSTG's A Comedy That Goes Wrong furthers the boundaries of language and literature. This play is also available bilingually, featuring modern English and Cantonese.  

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For Lower Secondary


Duration: 45 minutes

Language: Shakespearean English

Cast Size: 6 - 8 actors/ actresses

Synopsis: Set in Elizabethan England, Baptista Minola has trouble looking for a husband for his elder daughter, Katherina, also known as a ‘shrew’. Only one young gentleman named Petruchio is willing to take up the challenge. How will young Petruchio finally ‘tame’ this wild woman?

For Upper Secondary


Duration: 45 minutes

Language: English

Cast Size: 6 actors/ actresses

Synopsis: Therapy Sessions encourages six strangers to open up themselves and share the hardships they face in their daily lives. As the participants lead the audience into their traumatic experiences at home and at school, they are motivated to bond and show empathy to their loved ones in trouble. This performance is not only staged art, but also an emotional piece that touches everyone’s heart.

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