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* in collaboration with La Trobe Student Theatre, a part of AsiaTOPA 2020 Arts Festival in Melbourne, Australia

"This changing production is engaging and at times hilarious. I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in seeing a diverse group of actors shine"

- Diana Hodgetts, Indie Arts Journal

"An enjoyable version of Shakespeare's plot-heavy potboiler moves the action to 1920s Hong Kong and 1970s Australia..."

- Jennifer Barry, Performing Arts Hub

"The characters are portrayed with intensity and the lines delivered with passion and a deep understanding of the emotional journey of the characters."

- Patricia Di Risio, Stage Whispers

Performing Dates: 4-8 March 2020 | 12-13 March 2020

Performing Venues: La Mama Courthouse | Menzies Theatre, La Trobe University

Two patriarchs from two royal families, great friends filled with admiration for each other, fall prey to a grave misunderstanding. This leads to an abandoned child, the death of a wrongly accused queen and two decades of guilt and resentment. However, absolution is never too late for those who seek it sincerely!


*photos by Melissa Viola (@class.lis on Instagram)

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