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As of now, HKSTG is 10 years and 15 productions deep. Dozens if not hundreds of workshops and seminars built around our productions were also conducted throughout the year. Starting from humble beginnings, productions have only gotten bigger and more intricate with each passing year. We have expanded both numerically and artistically, accumulating Shaxbies with every production.​

HKSTG takes a special interest in cultural adaptations and re-contextualization in our productions. We enjoy inserting cultural, localised elements into our productions in hopes of shaping our own identity as a theatre group that hails from Hong Kong. 

Starting from 2014, we started incorporating music and dance elements in our productions, making them more appealing and relatable to the modern Hong Kong young audience. With a goal to reach out to more local audiences, starting from 2017, HKSTG began to focus on developing our own bilingual theatre, performing our first Shakespearean adaption, The Comedy of Errors, in Cantonese, alongside Macbeth in English, in 2018.

To learn more about each production, click on the images below.


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