The Core Team 



Shax was founded by Rosalind Wong, award-winning director and actress who is committed to theatre and education in Hong Kong. In addition to her directing credits with HKSTG, her other acting and directing credits include Moliere's Les Femmes Savantes, Gogol's The Government Inspector, The Importance of Being Earnest, Pygmalion and more


Her portrayal of Rosalind in As You Like it, HKSTG's first production, won her the Outstanding Actress Award in the Seventh Chinese Universities Shakespeare Festival. Her 2016 HKSTG production, Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of Verona, won the Best Director Award and Best Ensemble in the Hecklers and her 2017 HKSTG production, Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost, won the awards for Best Director(s), Best Ensemble and Best Show.


A lecturer at university, she dedicates her leisure to teaching English and drama to children, teenagers and young adults in Hong Kong. She also teaches LAMDA examinations in Hong Kong.

She is a strong believer in social inclusiveness and her work focused on cultural adaptations is a reflection of her belief. She is a strong advocate of arts in the Hong Kong classroom and enjoy working with colleagues and students from different backgrounds.

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Simon serves as a producer and director at HKSTG. First joined in 2016, he also has a particular interest in music and filmmaking. Acting credits include Love's Labour's LostMacbeth and Ode to Shakespeare. He was also selected as a young actor in a collaborative production of Twelfth Night with The Royal Shakespeare Company's Education Team. in 2017, he won Best Supporting Actor as Berowne. Recently, he served as a producer for HKSTG's first international collaboration for AsiaTOPA, The Winter's Tale. To date, Simon has been the producer for four seasons for HKSTG.

With an original background in Account and Finance, Simon has turned his attention to theatre and arts which he believes can change lives. In his five years of joining HKSTG, he has also accumulated experience in teaching poetry and drama to secondary school students. 


He is also responsible for conducting outreach work particularly with the Hong Kong-Indian and Asian-Indian community for HKSTG’s projects.



Wincel is a Filipina born-and-raised in Hong Kong, majoring in Language and Communications in The University of Hong Kong. During her first year of university studies, she joined her first HKSTG production; starring as Hecate in Macbeth (2017). With a strong passion for the arts and the desire to learn more about theatre, she has fulfilled various roles to assist in the group’s productions. Ranging from graphics (The Merchant of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew, The Winter’s Tale), promotions, logistics and backstage duties.


Recently, she is proud to represent the Filipino community as a cast member in HKSTG’s first-ever international collaboration for AsiaTOPA, The Winter’s Tale. She hopes to continue facilitating communications for the Filipino community in Hong Kong through theatre.

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Rohit is a production member and actor at HKSTG. Making his debut in HKSTG with Macbeth in 2017 as a participant of HKSTG's Arts Education Scheme, he quickly grasped the opportunity to pursue his passion for acting and theatre. Fast forward three years and he was selected to perform in HKSTG's collaborative project The Winter’s Tale in Australia. He is currently a core team member for HKSTG's upcoming play, Love's Labour's Lost, adapted into an exciting Indian setting that interacts with Chinese culture. Though with an academic background in accounting and finance, Rohit believes that arts can be enjoyed by everyone. He is also a passionate Bhangra dancer who competes in international-level competitions.

Through theatre, he would like to present Indian culture and promote cultural harmony in Hong Kong and beyond.



Kivan holds a Higher Diploma in English Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Continuing and Professional Studies. He first encountered HKSTG in the group's Community Outreach Event in his first year, and was excited to join this arts community with ample opportunities to interpret and perform texts creatively.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, he is interested in HKSTG's cultural adaptations. Like many Shax-bees (or Shaxbies), he believes in bridging cultural gaps through theatre arts.


Kivan also serves as an accountant for HKSTG, offering assistance in budgeting and and financial planning of the group. 

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Initially joining HKSTG- or the affectionate nickname in 'Shax'- in 2018 thtough the Arts Education Scheme, Maggie was one of the youngest actors in her first Shax's production of Macbeth. Upon graduating from secondary school, she returns to Shax as an officer for the Human Resources, offering assistance in planning and conducting recruitment especially for her age group. She also helps out with finance.

Maggie firmly believes that theatre is a source of joy for people, especially during hard times. She loves humour and is a lover of comedies. 

Through Shax, she wishes to promote theatre and literature to ethnic minorities. Maggie is also dedicated to help ethnic minorities to integrate in the local Hong Kong, acting as a chinese-to-english translator for her Filipino parents and friends.



Hannah is a recent secondary school graduate who joined Shax in the summer of 2020. Being an avid fan of debating and acting, she is highly passionate about public speaking and performing. As part of the Shax Summer Team, Hannah has worked in the Production department as well as Media and Publications. She currently is managing Shax’s social media accounts atop of other recruitment projects. Apart from ‘Exco’ work, Hannah is playing Maria in Shax’s upcoming performance of Twelfth Night. 

As a Filipina born and raised in Hong Kong, Hannah has a multi-faceted cultural identity. She often seeks out projects that centre on diversity and volunteers for ‘Dear HK’, an online photobook project that tells stories about Hong Kong. 

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Cart is an assistant officer in HKSTG's Media and Publications Department. He holds a Higher Diploma in English Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Like many HKSTG members, he first encountered one of HKSTG's Community Outreach Event. An enthusiastic photographer with a creative mind, Cart focuses on HKSTG's new documentary media projects that document our group's creative journeys in recent productions.

Cart is also an avid public speaker, enthusiastic in engaging is dialogues on cultural representations and preservation. 



As a Filipino, Danielle has inherited her culture's love for the arts and theatre, leading her to take interest in Shax. She became an audience-turned-member in 2019 after watching the production of the Taming of the Shrew in 2019. During her Higher Diploma years, she completed drama courses and serves as a production assistant for productions. 

Upon joining Shax, she selects the Media and Publications Department hoping to help maintain and build Shax's theatre arts community online during the covid-19 pandemic. She is a core member who plans content and designs graphics for social media.

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Sabina is a typical Chinese Hongkonger, who has passion on diverse culture. She is also a literature enthusiast. After being a part of Shax, she understands that Literature does not only narrow down to traditional and cultural aspects, but also enable her to understand histories and human emotions. Like many other members of HKSTG, she first came across HKSTG's work through a Community Outreach Event at school.

Her focus in HKSTG's Media department is recruitment contents. During this challenging time with the pandemic, she is a core member of a team who works endlessly to reach out to the teenage and young adult community online.

She joined Shax hoping to attract more members like her, someone who is quiet in demeanor but is passionate about changing the world through literature and arts. She believes arts is the best medium to make voices unheard, heard. 



First joined HKSTG in summer of 2020, Jeff is a Media and Publications member. He is responsible for creating media contents for recruitment, hoping to help reach out to other young adults like him especially during the pandemic.

Outside of HKSTG, he is passionate in languages, especially European languages. He was exposed to literature in 2018 and has since then fallen in love with it. Prior to joining HKSTG, Jeff was studying a Higher Diploma in English studies. 



Jade currently contributes her skills to HKSTG as a core member of the executive committee, currently with a focus on community outreach.


Jade comes from a background of stage management. First involved with Shax in the crew of its 2019 production The Taming of the Shrew, Jade has a passion for stagecraft carried over from her secondary school years. Her team representing Marymount Secondary School in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2016/17 won Award for Outstanding Stage Effect and Award for Outstanding Cooperation with Jade as Props Master, and an additional Adjudicators’ Award in 2018/19 after she took up a Stage Manager position as well.

As a Chinese local, Jade likes to think about how classical theatre can be made more accessible to the general Hong Kong population.



Nicole is an outreach officer and actor at HKSTG. She was the runner-up for Dramatic Duologue in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. She first joined Shax through the Arts Education scheme, getting involved with Shax as a child actor. After taking HKDSE, she became a core member of HKSTG's team. She dedicates herself to the community outreach team as she believes the theatre arts is the best medium to bridge understandings. 

Coming from a local Hong Kong school, she hopes to promote cultural understanding between local Chinese and ethnic minorities in the city.